Member Benefits

Member Benefits

The Norwegian Shipbrokers’ Association negotiates useful deals for its members with good quality companies.

Hotel Deal with the Park Inn by Radisson

How to order

Booking link – Norwegian ship and broker federations – Park Inn by Radisson

Corporate account ID/Booking code: 111778 used during online booking by telephone booking, you can also specify the Norwegian Shipbroker Assosciation to obtain the same discount.


The hotel is centrally located on the Upper Castle Gate 2 C. The agreement gives members 12% regular discount on rates at any given time for accommodation.

We encourage our members to make use of the hotel agreement as much as possible with customers visiting Oslo. The agreement may also be used privately by members.

Insurance Agreement ITIC

On behalf of our members we have reached an agreement with the leading provider of professions liability coverage; International Transport Intermediaries Club (ITIC), London

The insurance covers the responsibility of the ship brokers and agents as a result of their conduct of services as the mediator of the client (Prinsipal)

This ‘ Tabbeforsikringen ‘ includes exposure by ‘ Ulovfestet Uaksomhetsansvar ‘ and includes third party responsibilities (public liability), person and thing injury liability, attorneys ‘ fees, and automatic coverage for sub-contractors.

In addition, there is a so-called Rule 10 protection, which safeguards the insistence of outstanding debt Collection. We strongly advise our members to consider this further.

Read more:
Last ned ITIC Shipbrokers (PDF)
Last ned ITIC Claims Review (PDF)


A pension agreement only for members.

We have now signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Danish Bank for our member companies and their employees.

The agreement offers very advantageous prices for anything from loans, deposits and card-solutions. The corporate site also offers advice and analysis support, as well as good and effective tools for income and cost control, currency exposure, etc.


The Norwegian Shipbrokers’ Association provides access to lawyers, legal advice, contract advice and other solutions based help. Legal aid is a valued benefit for members, including help with contracts and compliance. We are most often asked provide assistance with contracts and outstanding commissions.

Norwegian Shipbrokers Association Logo

Members are allowed to use the Norsk logo on their printed literature, stationery, advertising/promotion and website. The logo is recognised worldwide as a standard within the shipping industry. An established, reliable organisation providing valued benefits, service and support to shipping professionals since 1922. The logo can be printed in our blue colour (xxxx) or in black or white. If you see the logo used by a company you are able to confirm their membership by searching the Norwegian Shipbrokers Association members list here.

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