Konkurransepolitikk for Norsk Skipsmeglerforbund

Alle agendaer og referater fra møter skal bekrefte at møtene gjennomføres i overensstemmelse med FONASBA’s Anti-Trust/Competition Law Compliance Statement. Hverken Norsk Skipsmeglerforbund eller dens medlemmer kan delta i diskusjoner om eller avtale enighet om:

Standard klausul:

Dette møtet ble gjennomført i overensstemmelse med FONASBA’s Anti-Trust/Competition Law Compliance Statement og ikke på noe tidspunkt var det drøftelser i forbindelse med: Fastsettelse av vilkår, priser eller rater,spørsmål vedrørende bestemte kunder eller leverandører, boycot eller svartelisting av bestemte kunder eller leverandører, oppdeling av markeder eller kunder eller andre forsøk på at påvirke konkurransen.

FONASBA’s Anti-Trust/Competition Law Compliance Statement

All agenda and minutes of meetings shall confirm that the meetings have been conducted in accordance with FONASBA’s Anti-trust/Competition Law Guidelines;

Neither FONASBA nor its members shall engage in any discussions on or agree upon:

Standard Clause:

This meeting was undertaken in compliance with FONASBA’s Anti-Trust and Competition Policy and at no time were any discussions undertaken in relation to: fixing of terms, prices or rates, matters relating to particular customers or suppliers, boycotting or black listing particular customers or suppliers, dividing markets or customers or otherwise seeking to distort competition.

Anti-Trust/Competition Law Compliance Statement

It is a clearly stated policy of FONASBA that it, and its member associations, are committed to promoting and maintaining fair and equitable practices in the global ship broking and ship agency sectors, and to adhering to all applicable laws which regulate FONASBA, and its members’, activities in these markets. These laws include, but are not limited to, the anti-trust and or competition laws of the United States, the European Union and other nations as a means of preserving and promoting competition and of protecting the public from monopolistic and other restrictive trade practices. In view of the foregoing, therefore, all of FONASBA’s activities will be conducted in compliance with its Anti-trust/Competition Law Guidelines.

 These statements apply to FONASBA as an organisation, and also to its member associations during such times as they are engaged in the activities of FONASBA. They shall not, however, be construed as applying to, binding or in any way relating to the actions, communications and other activities undertaken by FONASBA member associations out with the aforesaid FONASBA activities and FONASBA cannot be held liable for any actions so taken by its members. It shall be the responsibility of individual member associations to put in place their own anti-trust/competition compliance regimes and to ensure compliance therewith.

Anti-Trust/Competition Law Guidelines

Within the context stated above, FONASBA, its membership and staff are committed to free competition and as a consequence will comply with all the aforesaid anti-trust/competition laws as they apply to all the activities the Federation, its membership and staff shall from time to time undertake.

Accordingly, all FONASBA meetings, including the Annual General Meeting, Council and Executive Committee meetings, as well as those of subsidiary committees, the ECASBA Advisory Panel, working groups, regional range committees and other bodies established by FONASBA shall be conducted in accordance with these guidelines.

All publications produced by FONASBA shall conform to these guidelines.

All advice/information given to members by FONASBA staff shall be in conformity with these guidelines.